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...especially now!

This Quick Insight, underscores the critical need for excellent managers, especially in times of upheaval. The article highlights the role of high-performing managerial leaders who exhibit a balanced blend of visionary leadership and disciplined management. These managers are essential for navigating crises effectively, maintaining clear communication, and fostering organizational adaptability. The article argues that the real issue is not the number of managers, but the scarcity of excellent ones who can create the right conditions for employees to excel and for organizations to become high-performing. This is a must-read for organizational leaders, HR professionals, and policymakers who are interested in understanding the qualities that make a manager truly excellent, particularly in navigating through crises and leading organizations to not just survive, but thrive.

“The conclusion can only be that we need more excellent managers right now because they make employees excel. The employees, in turn, ensure excellent business execution and service to customers, citizens, patients, and other stakeholders … and this will ensure that organizations not only survive the coming crisis situations but will emerge from them stronger than ever before!”

— André de Waal


  1. The Importance of high-performing managerial leaders: In times of crisis and disruption, excellent managers are essential. They are not only responsible for navigating through unexpected challenges but also for creating and maintaining a successful and adaptable organization.
  2. Balance of Leadership and Managerial Behavior: High-performing managerial leaders exhibit a balanced combination of leadership and managerial behaviors. They are future-oriented and disciplined, communicate effectively, focus on continuous improvement, and base decisions on facts.
  3. Communication and Flexibility During Crisis: The recent Corona pandemic illustrated the importance of clear communication and flexibility within an organization. Managers who stayed in touch with their employees and adapted quickly to new ways of working were able to navigate the crisis more effectively.
  4. The Need for More high-performing managerial leaders: Despite a trend towards dismissing managers as unnecessary, the article emphasizes that the real problem is not the number of managers but the lack of excellent ones. These managers create the right conditions for employees to excel and transform the organization into a high-performing one.
  5. Long-term Vision and Quick Decision Making: High-performing managerial leaders are characterized by their ability to focus on the long-term vision of the organization while also making quick and decisive actions in the short term. This combination ensures that the organization not only survives crises but emerges from them stronger than ever before.

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