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The Evidence-Based Approach of Swagelok Transformers

This Quick Insight delves into the transformative journey of Swagelok Transformers (USA) in becoming a High-Performance Organization (HPO) through an evidence-based approach. The article offers a comprehensive look at the HPO Framework and its application in enhancing long-term organizational success. It emphasizes the importance of commitment, time, and a shift in mindset for achieving high performance. The article also discusses the role of effective communication, employee involvement, and quality implementation in driving the HPO transformation. Key lessons learned from Swagelok Transformers’ experience are shared, making this an invaluable read for business leaders, managers, and organizational development professionals interested in implementing the HPO Framework for sustainable success.

“Through the implementation of the HPO Framework, the Swagelok Transformers demonstrated improvements in various areas, including operational performance, employee engagement, customer service, and alignment with strategic goals.”

— André de Waal


  1. Embrace the HPO Framework: The HPO Framework offers a comprehensive approach to driving long-term success. By focusing on the five core factors of management quality, openness and action orientation, long-term orientation, continuous improvement and renewal, and employee quality, managers can enhance organizational performance significantly.
  2. Commitment and Time: Becoming an HPO is a long-term commitment that requires time and effort. It is important for managers to understand that sustainable high performance cannot be achieved overnight. Consistent dedication and reinforcement of HPO efforts are crucial for success.
  3. Embed HPO as a Mindset: Treat HPO as an ongoing process rather than a one-time project. Make it a part of the organization’s daily habits and activities. Communicate to all employees that HPO is here to stay and integrate it into the organizational culture and people’s attitudes.
  4. Involve Everyone: HPO should not be limited to managers; it should involve every member of the organization. Foster employee involvement, ownership, and pride in the HPO journey. Create representation and engagement opportunities for employees at all levels.
  5. Effective Communication and Dialogue: Communication and dialogue are key to driving HPO. Foster open and frequent dialogue between management and employees. Strive for meaningful conversations, understand employee perspectives, and ensure confidentiality during interactions. Regularly update employees on HPO progress to maintain focus and build trust.
  6. Ensure a Quality Implementation: Assign responsibility for improvement initiatives to individuals within the organization. HPO Coaches play a critical role in overseeing the quality of these initiatives. Strive for consistency, simplicity, and small group engagement to keep the transformation manageable. Celebrate successes and balance the learning process with enjoyment.

Read (and share with your colleagues) the HPO Quick Insight ‘BUILDING A NORTH AMERICAN HIGH-PERFORMANCE ORGANIZATION – The Evidence-Based Approach of Swagelok Transformers’ via this link.


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