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Practical Research at Three Healthcare Organizations

Improving the quality of healthcare organizations into High Performance Healthcare has become increasingly important over the past decades. Three healthcare organizations (nursing home care and home healthcare organizations) sought frameworks that could assist them in enhancing their quality and chose to implement the HPO Framework. Over a period of three years, HPO diagnoses were conducted within these organizations. This provided insights into their status on the path to high performance and highlighted areas that needed attention to further assist them on their journey. Based on an analysis of the transformation process, the experiences and lessons learned from each organization were identified and summarized in this article.

The article presents the HPO Framework as an effective tool for quality improvement in the healthcare sector. Written by experts from the HPO Center and executives from healthcare organizations, the article offers insights into how the framework aids in identifying areas for improvement and in developing strategies for organizational growth. The article is particularly interesting for healthcare professionals and managers aiming for continuous improvement and efficiency in their organizations. It is based on practical research and provides concrete examples and results.

“The HPO Framework has become an integral part of the business operations of the three healthcare institutions. It encourages improvement in multiple aspects, promotes professional development, enhances employee engagement, and enables a future-oriented way of thinking.”

— André de Waal


  1. Adopting the HPO Framework can greatly benefit healthcare institutions, as demonstrated by the case studies. It aids in identifying areas of improvement and developing strategies to bolster dynamic capabilities and organizational competencies.
  2. Regular HPO Diagnoses are crucial to assess progress and adapt strategies for continuous improvement. Results can help determine the focus areas for growth, be it fostering better leadership, improving collaboration, or boosting organizational commitment.
  3. The role of HPO Coaches is critical in the transformation process. They disseminate HPO knowledge, inspire employees and managers, and foster cooperation. However, the number of HPO Coaches and their position within the organization should be adequately chosen to prevent delays and ensure effectiveness.
  4. The HPO transformation process must be context-specific and integrated with daily activities, making it more personal and less of an added burden.
  5. Patience is essential in the transformation process. Change takes time, and people need room to adapt to new ways of thinking and working.
  6. Despite challenges like rising healthcare costs and legislative changes, the HPO framework can help manage such external factors effectively and ensure a proactive, future-oriented approach.
  7. The transformation results in more focused and professional High Performance Healthcare organizations, less hierarchical and more decentralized management, enhanced inter-departmental cooperation, and improved client focus, making the institutions better workplaces.
  8. It’s beneficial to incorporate the HPO transformation as part of a larger quality improvement process, rather than a standalone initiative. This approach resonates better with healthcare professionals and integrates smoothly into their regular work.

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