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Understanding Dutch and British High-Performing Managers

This Quick Insight ‘Leadership across cultures’ dives deep into the leadership nuances of High-Performance Managers (HPMs) in both the Netherlands and the UK, underscoring the profound influence of national culture. The research underscores both universal leadership attributes and those shaped by specific cultural contexts. A pivotal takeaway is the proactive role of HR departments in crafting culture-sensitive management development programs, ensuring leadership behaviors resonate with both global standards of excellence and unique national nuances. A must-read for cross-cultural leaders and HR professionals, the article illuminates the path to harnessing the full potential of HPMs in an interconnected world.

“Understanding and embracing cultural nuances in leadership attributes and behaviors is the cornerstone of organizational success in a globally interconnected world.”

— André de Waal


  1. Universality and Variability of Leadership Traits: While certain leadership attributes seem universal, national culture significantly influences many others. Managers need to understand that what makes them successful in one country might not necessarily work in another.
  2. Importance of Cross-Cultural Adaptability: Managers transferring between countries should be equipped with the right tools, training, and knowledge to adapt their leadership styles according to the national culture they are going to work in.
  3. HR’s Role in Structuring Management Programs: The HR department should be proactive in devising and implementing culture-sensitive management development programs. This ensures that leadership behaviors align with both universal standards of excellence and specific national cultural nuances.
  4. Refined Recruitment Strategies: Given the differences in high-performing managerial attributes across cultures, recruitment and selection strategies should be tailored to identify and nurture managers who align with the framework that is described in this article, the APEL framework, particularly in relation to a country’s specific cultural context.
  5. Enhancing Organizational Performance through Leadership: The direct correlation between leadership behaviors and organizational performance, as highlighted in the research described in this article, suggests that by focusing on improving leadership behaviors resonating with a specific national culture, organizations can enhance their overall performance.

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