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driving Maltese businesses towards an even brighter economic horizon

This Quick Insight ‘Elevating Maltese business with the HPO approach’ explores how Maltese businesses can leverage the High Performance Organization (HPO) Framework to unlock untapped potential and address unique challenges like colonial legacies and union influences. It outlines the core HPO elements and emphasizes the importance of open dialogue and team building. The article also provides a structured roadmap for HPO implementation, including manager training and dedicated coaching teams. This is a must-read for organizational leaders, HR professionals, and policymakers interested in driving organizations towards a brighter economic future.

“Forming a core team of HPO coaches and initiating cross-functional HPO mini-projects were seen as essential. Recognizing and celebrating successes during the HPO transformation was also deemed critical for its success.”

— André de Waal


  1. Maltese Potential: While Malta has established itself as a business hub in the European Union, there is still untapped potential in this country. The High Performance Organization (HPO) Framework can be a pivotal tool for Maltese businesses to elevate their performance and competitiveness.
  2. HPO Factors: The core elements of an HPO are Management Quality, Openness and Action Orientation, Long-Term Orientation, Continuous Improvement and Renewal, and Employee Quality. Mastering these factors decides an organization’s success in a competitive landscape.
  3. Unique Maltese Challenges: Colonial legacies, union influences, and a mix of local and foreign managerial leadership styles have created specific challenges in Malta in areas such as trust in authority, communication, and flexibility. Addressing these unique aspects is crucial for a successful HPO transformation.
  4. Importance of Open Dialogue: For Maltese organizations to thrive, promoting open dialogue, team building, and knowledge sharing is paramount. Creating feedback channels and fostering a culture of continuous learning can bridge existing communication gaps.
  5. Structured HPO Implementation: A deliberate and phased approach to introducing the HPO framework is essential. Including comprehensive HPO training for managers, a dedicated team of HPO coaches, and celebrating small successes during the HPO transformation will make this a success.

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