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Esther Mollema (HPO Center) About the top 3 failures of leaders

Esther Mollema, General Director of the HPO Center talks about the top 3 failures of leaders. These failures are rare within High Performance Organizations (HPO’s). Esther talks about ‘Listening instead of Telling’, ‘Being a role model’ and ‘Long-term commitment’.

Esther Mollema ia a much sought-after speaker and program leader in the area of change management, diversity and inclusion, leadership and High Performance Organization. After completing her studies at Nyenrode University and Thunderbird (USA), Esther worked art the director of various training companies in the Netherlands, Japan, Germany and the US. Esther is the founder of Direction Europe, prominent in the area of leadership and diversity, and since 2007 the co-founder and General Director of the HPO Center.