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Working on high performance in the UK: an overview of current research and practical application

It is our distinct pleasure to present you with an overview of the high performance organisations (HPO) research and its practical application in the United Kingdom. This booklet contains recent papers which have been published or are in the review stage at journals. Therefore the booklet provides you with state-of-the-art information on HPO. In the first paper, ‘The secret of high performance organisations’, an introduction of the HPO ideas and framework is given. The article describes the research behind the HPO Framework and describes the five HPO factors in detail.

The second paper, ‘Working on high performance in the UK: the case of the ATLAS consortium’, describes the practical application of the HPO Framework at a consortium of five IT companies. At this consortium over a periode of two years two HPO diagnoses were conducted and the results of these are discussed in the paper.

Feel free to download this 80 pages (in PDF) of information about High Performance Organisations in the UK.

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